Activate NetID


Required Steps

  1. On this page:
    1. Enter your NetID.
    2. Enter your activation email address.
      • This will normally be the non-CSU email address you used when applying for admission or employment. If unsure, contact Admissions or Human Resources.
    3. Check the box next to "I'm not a robot."
    4. Click Send. A NetID activation email will be sent to your email address above.
  2. Open the email and click the NetID activation link. A second page will open in your browser to complete activation:
    1. Re-enter your NetID and click Continue.
    2. If you are affiliated with more than one CSU campus, select your CSU email domain ( for Fort Collins, or for CSU-Pueblo).
    3. Enter a preferred first name.
    4. Select a first name for your CSU email alias.
    5. Enter a non-CSU email address to use for password recovery.
    6. Create a NetID password.
    7. Review the Acceptable Use Policy.
    8. Click Activate. Your NetID will be activated, and a confirmation email will be sent to your email address above.


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What is the format of a NetID?


  • C followed by your 9-digit CSU ID.
    For example: C899456789

CSU Fort Collins

  • If you joined CSU after the Fort Collins NetID migration (expected in 2023):
    C followed by your 9-digit CSU ID.
    For example: C899456789
  • If you joined CSU before then, your eID becomes your NetID:
    2 to 8 lowercase characters starting with a letter.
    For example: xgarcia

What is my CSU ID?

Your CSU ID is a 9-digit number starting with an 8.

Everyone at CSU-Pueblo and CSU Fort Collins has a CSU ID, which uniquely identifies you in university systems.

How do I get or look up my CSU ID?

CSU Fort Collins

CSU Fort Collins students and employees: Get your RamCard from the RamCard office. Your CSU ID appears on this card and begins with 82 or 83.

CSU Fort Collins students: View your CSU ID by logging in to this site or RamWeb. See How to find your Colorado State University CSU ID Number.

If you do not know your CSU ID,

  • Applicants: Contact the Office of Admissions at (970) 491-6909.
  • Current Students: Contact the Office of the Registrar at (970) 491-4860 and explain that you need your CSU ID.
  • Faculty, Staff and Associates: Contact your department's Human Resource representative.


CSU-Pueblo students and employees can view their CSU ID in Personal Access to Web Services (PAWS): PAWS Student Login or PAWS Employee Login