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University Email Accounts: Google Apps

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Google Apps (@Rams) and Office 365

Each person at CSU has one University Email Account, in one of our two email systems: Exchange/Office 365 or Google Apps. Exchange/Office 365 accounts (which resemble are now assigned to everyone who creates an eID.

Your university email account is also called your email of record. It's the address used by academic advisors, financial aid, human resources and more to communicate with you. Prior to August 1, most students received Google Apps (@Rams) email accounts, and their email address is their email of record. Today, everyone new to CSU gets Office 365 email.

What if I've been using Google Apps already?

~ email is not going away ~

Anyone who already has Google Apps (your email ends with can keep using it. If you would like to transition to Office 365 for email and calendaring, you can make the switch at choose "Email Settings" under "Modify your eID." Doing this will change your Office 365 mailbox ( to be your email of record but it will not delete your Google Apps account. As long as your eID is active, you can still have and use Google Apps.

I only have Office 365, can I get Google Apps too?

Yes. Anyone can still create and use a Google Apps account if they want to add it to their mix of services. Adding Google Apps will not change your email of record (so keep checking your Office 365 email!), but you will have full access to all the Google Apps features and services. Just log in in at the 'Create a Google Apps for CSU Account' link on the right side (or click here) to start the process.

What's my email of record?

Visit and choose "Show My Information" under "Modify your eID."

      * Student email accounts (Google Apps and/or Office 365) are deleted about 12 months after students graduate or leave the university.

How do I create an account?

If you have an eID, just log in at the 'Create a Google Apps for CSU Account' link on the right side (or click here) and if you don't have one, you will be guided through the create process.

Security and Privacy

Your account security and personal information is important; please review the Google Apps for CSU Privacy information page. Also see Google's privacy policy and terms of service.

About Google Apps for CSU

Now called "G Suite", it is a brand of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed by Google. It includes popular tools such as Gmail, calendaring, documents, cloud storage ("Drive"), chat, and even personal web sites, This powerful suite of applications–featuring unlimited storage–is hosted by Google in an ad-free environment for students, faculty and staff.

Getting Help with your account

If you encounter any problems or have questions related to signing up for Google Apps at CSU, please call the Central IT Technical Support Help Desk at 970-491-7276 or send an email to For questions relating to Google's web-based applications, please visit the Google Support website.

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