Google Apps for CSU

Google Apps for Colorado State University

Password and Privacy Information


In the interest of protecting your eID password, there will be two passwords associated with Google Apps for CSU accounts. Use your eID credentials to log into Google Apps for CSU through your web browser. You will use a separate Google hosted password to access your new Gmail account through a mobile device or an email program like Thunderbird or Outlook.

Your eID password and Google Apps for CSU password must be changed separately. You may set your Google hosted password by selecting the Change My Google Password link.

Privacy Information

  • Colorado State University will send Google your name, and the Google password that you create for use with your Google Apps for CSU account.
  • The first time that students log into their Google Apps at CSU account, they will also have to accept Google’s privacy policy.
  • Your name and CSU Gmail addresses will be visible to other Google Apps for CSU users in collaborative spaces, such as shared documents and shared calendars.
  • If a document is shared with individuals who have standard Gmail accounts, these individuals will see the names and email addresses of all the people sharing a document, including those of Colorado State students.
  • Data stored in Google Docs is not accessed by search engines (and won't appear in search results) unless you or someone you've shared a document with has published the document and posted the URL on a public site. That means by default, your data is private, unless you grant access to others and/or publish your information.
  • Information about Google’s privacy policy and terms of service may be found on the Google site.